Welcome to Johnson & Johnson Antiques!

Our Antique Store is located in the friendly Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood of North Seattle. We have a unique inventory that includes antique furniture, rare fixtures, vintage bath fixtures, an extensive selection of antique light fixtures and whimsical items for your porch and garden, as well as unique embellishments, ranging from Victorian door knobs, Art Deco Bookends to Navaho rugs.

We are not your usual antique store. Our passion of all things for old houses sets us apart. We are happy to help you in selecting era-appropriate items for your home restoration projects from our extensive inventory.

After 40 years in business, we are well known for our expertise and the quality of our restoration. We know you will be inspired as you browse our website and hope you will come visit us at 6820 Greenwood Ave N in Seattle or give us a call at 206-789-6489.

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