Vintage Outdoor Furniture

Before the words recycle, upcycle, reuse and repurpose were part of our vocabulary, antique dealers were putting them into practice. Our porch, garden and cottage items are perfect examples. What was once an old cedar fence is now a table for your back porch, a bench for your patio or a bird house for the tree outside your kitchen window. An old galvanized wash tub with holes in the bottom is the perfect planter to fill with your favorite flowers. An old rake missing its handle makes a great rack to hang your garden tools on. An old pitch fork is an ideal garden stake for your dahlias. An old wagon is much more fun and easier to use to haul things around your yard and garden. Please beware, this section will delightfully inspire your imagination.
$575.00 1940's Grocery Sign

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1. $85 Potting Shed Shelf 2. Sold 3. $14 Garden Sprayer /$18 Pump garden Sprayer 4. $32 Garden Planter 5. $4 - $12 Pepsi Bottles 6. $38 Enamel Coffee Pot 7. Sold 8. Sold 9. $12 Valet Rack 10.$45 Garden Art Planter